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Mermaid Tales - Soy Wood Wick Candles

Mermaid Tales - Soy Wood Wick Candles

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Dive into enchantment with our Mermaid Tales 12oz Soy Candle, featuring a wood wick that softly crackles like ocean waves. This meticulously crafted soy candle infuses your space with the sweet cucumber melon blend, creating a mesmerizing ambiance. Optimize your environment for relaxation and indulgence, embracing the refreshing and captivating fragrance inspired by mythical oceanic tales

12 oz soy candle with a soft crackling wood wick & wooden lid. 

All candle products are made with love! Here's how you can show your candle some love: 
Let wax melt to edge  
Blow out when done  
Burn 3-4 hours max  
Trim wick before use  
Avoid kids and pets  
Use a stable surface  
Never leave candle unattended  


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